Our 10 Favorite and Cool Car Customization Options

Lexus_Automobile_Lineup_2007Going shopping for a new car

Going shopping for a new car these days can be fun or a right pain in the butt. If you’ve done your homework, then you can restrict yourself to three or four models on which you haven’t been able to decide. New cars come with just about everything you want on them. Just about! There is always room for some customization, a touch of personalization, that defines your character.

Big hint

The big hint: Do not ask the dealer to add any extras. They have their own shops they will buy from and charge you extra. They will also charge excessively for fitting any extras or changes that you might want. There are probably 5 stores around where you live that are auto accessory places where you can get a bargain and heaps of advice too. If you can’t find the car accessories you want there, then online shopping is an alternative.

Deep down inside, where you really live, you know what you want on your car to make it say something to anybody that sees it cruising down the street. The first thing that stands out on a car is its wheels.

  1. Customize your car’s feet with fancy shoes. We’re talking after market Your choices are enormous but stay in character. Just be careful that your tires and the wheels complement each other. Do invest in a lock nut so you don’t come out to your car at night and find it sitting on a few old bricks.
  2. Seat covers are a must to protect the leather or fabric car Spilled drinks, dropped food and bodily fluids are a lot easier to clean when you just throw the seat covers into the wash. Or if the stain is dreadful, and won’t come out, just replace them. Designs range from Barbie dolls to zombies from the Walking Dead. You can choose to impress or disgust. If you really want to look cool, then a complete upholstery job is for you.
  3. If you have a 4WD or an SUV, then you are going to go crazy with the amount of accessories available. If your 4WD is for show and not GO, then bush and camping type gear on your vehicle is a bit of a waste. If you’re doing track work, then you need a winch. Either to pull you or a fellow enthusiast out of trouble. Imagine the towing cost for a 300-mile rescue!
  4. It’s dark in the woods at night. Old style spotlights have now been superseded with LED lighting. Go for the 20-inch double row LED light bar from Blackoak. These double rows turn night into day and you can check them out on this link www.blackoakled.com. They come highly recommended as being the personal favorite of a few 4WD enthusiasts on their blogs. You can’t argue with good press.
  5. Shift knobs. The one that came with your car is functional but boring. How about a knob shaped like a games controller or death’s head? Just make sure it feels comfortable in your hand and connects properly to the lever.
  6. Sound systems on cars today are pretty good. USB, Blue-Tooth, good speakers, they’re are all there but if you want to go that one extra step into a sound system that will penetrate every pore of your body as you drive then consider upgrading. Try to avoid filling your whole trunk with woofers and sub-woofers. Way too much and where do you put the car fridge filled with beer now?
  7. Custom paint and we’re not suggesting a fire-breathing dragon being slain by a Schwarzenegger look-alike. Maybe a deep, lustrous blue with a tinge of indigo at certain points will look more tasteful.
  8. Sports pedals will be something just for you and your love of driving. Nobody else will see them unless you point them out. Acceleration and gear changes will be a lot easier and faster.
  9. The exhaust system is worth considering to replace when the original one breathes its last. This is a technical purchase and you need specialist advice about what system suits your pollution control and environmental requirements on your car. You’d be surprised at how a better exhaust system can improve the vehicle’s performance. You also want one with a throaty roar to satisfy the redneck inside you.
  10. Window tint. What’s the use of air conditioning on a hot day when the heat of the sun through your windows is being multiplied by 10? There are some great products out there and the tint also protects the interior of your car by stopping the sun cracking your car upholstery. There are some laws on just how dark you can have it but the darker, the better. Rude signs and singing along with your favorite tune are best carried out under the cover of black tint.

To be honest, there are literally thousands of accessories you can buy to customize your car and it also depends on what type of vehicle you drive. If you have a convertible, then you might need a car cover that fits over the open vehicle when parked. An SUV might be pulling a caravan or a trailer so a tow hitch and bar will do the job. If you drive a pick-up, then look at adding a fitted canopy on the back to set it up as a camping vehicle. Another 4WD extra is the tire inflater. Sand driving on the beach requires dropping your tire pressure to very low. When you’ve finished beach fishing, you need to pump the tires up again before you hit the sealed roads.

By fitting accessories and customizing your car, you are making a personal statement as well as showing pride in the second most expensive purchase in your life. It’s also a lot of fun tinkering around with your second (or first?) love making it look better. As a hobby, it sure beats chess.

Our Recommended Must-Have Car Accessories

Uber_ride_Bogota_(10277864666)Car Accessories

If there’s one thing I like about my friends, it’s that they own a car. Not because I can call them up and ask them to take me somewhere. Not because we can all go on car rallies together. Not because we love a bit of ‘Fast and Furious’ street racing. None of these reasons. Why? Because buying gifts for them is as easy as popping into an auto accessory shop and getting them something for their car.

Motor vehicle accessor

The motor vehicle accessory business is the equivalent to a good hardware store. There is a never-ending list of useful stuff you can buy. Gadgets for vehicles are getting more ingenious every day. And do you know what’s even more amazing about shopping for car accessories? You can buy for both sexes. There is always something interesting to buy for men and women car owners. The big problem is that there is always something for you too!

Some accessories are plain crazy, some defy logic and others make you wonder why they didn’t think of that sooner. Many of the items just make your life as a car owner much easier. Christmas and birthday shopping can be spent in just one store and you can buy for everyone. I suggest that you pick a different shop for Valentine’s Day, though! Continue reading “Our Recommended Must-Have Car Accessories” »

How to Upholster your Car like a Pro

maxresdefaultActual decision

The actual decision to do this is the first step and it’s a decision not taken lightly. The mere thought of taking on what seems, in your mind, to be a daunting task is enough to make you flip through the Yellow Pages and look for a professional auto trimmer, which is the technical name for a vehicle upholsterer.

You are not going to say “Yes, let’s do it!” until you have checked out just what is involved by doing some research on the internet. A book on upholstery is sort of okay, but most people want to see what is done rather than read how to do it. YouTube is a great place to start. That site is a marvel of the modern age. You can find videos on anything and everything.

There are two reasons why you might want to do this re-upholster job in the first place.

1. Customization

you want your seats to reflect who you are. Crazy colors or patterns or material will determine the ‘inner’ you. If your dark side is an axe murderer you can get material that looks like bloodstained fabric.

2. The existing condition

The existing condition of your upholstery depresses you every time you get into your vehicle. Your seats may be stained or torn or both.

If, after seeing the instructions you are still a little put-off, then just go and buy some spiffy seat covers. Another hint: if it’s leather you want, go to an expert. Mistakes with that material are expensive. Continue reading “How to Upholster your Car like a Pro” »